FAQ about Contact Lenses and Colored Contacts for Astigmatism.

Can I get colored contacts if I have an astigmatism?

You can get them on iEyeBeauty! There are colored contact lenses with toric designs that correct astigmatism while enhancing or changing your eye color, and toric bifocal contact lenses that correct both astigmatism and presbyopia. We offer daily, half year and yearly disposable colored contacts for astigmatism here!

What is the difference in contacts for astigmatism?

Contact lenses that correct astigmatism are called toric contact lenses. They are made specifically to address the slight difference in shape of your eye that can cause fuzzy, blurred vision. A toric contact lens has two prescriptions—one to correct astigmatism, and the other to correct near- or farsightedness.

What makes toric lenses different?

When you look at a toric lens, it is a little bit different from a regular contact lens. There is a thick zone at the bottom of the lens that is there to make sure it doesn't rotate. It's important that the lens is always in the right place. This way light can accurately focus on the retina. Instead of just one power (SPH), they have curves (CYL) at different angles (AXIS).

On the other hand, with regular contact lenses it isn't such a big deal if they shift in place when you blink or look around. This is the biggest difference between the way toric lenses and regular ones are made.

But they have similarities too. Toric contact lenses and regular ones too are made from the same materials and can be soft. So which should you choose? Most people find soft toric lenses to be more comfortable.

What brand of contacts are best for astigmatism?

There are several brands of extended wear contact lenses for astigmatism that are approved by the FDA for overnight wear, including Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism (Johnson & Johnson), Air Optix for Astigmatism (Alcon) and PureVision Toric (Bausch + Lomb). If you are looking for half year or yearly contact lenses for saving more money, you can choose our custom made NEO or ICK toric colored contacts for astigmatism, which is order directly from the major Korean colored contacts brands.

How can I know my contact lenses prescription for astigmatism?

Well, obviously the simplest way is to get it from your eye doctor. But please be aware of the difference between glasses prescription and contact lenses prescription, they are different! You can also ask your eye doctor to get the prescription for contact lenses.

How can I know my contact lenses prescription for astigmatism if I am currently wearing glasses?

You can get it form this page: Sphere Spectacle Calculator by entering your glasses prescription in the SPH, CYL, AXIS feilds. For the Vertex (also known as vertex distance, or VD) feild, it is the distance between the back surface of a corrective lens, i.e. glasses (spectacles) or contact lenses, and the front of the cornea. It should normally be 11mm or 12mm when you do an eye test. So you can just leave it be 11mm if you don't have it on your prescription.

Will wearing toric lenses limit your options?

Don't worry if you have astigmatism. It is a pretty common condition. It also shouldn't stop you from wearing any style of contact lens that you want! iEyeBeauty offers a great selection with plenty of amazing colors that will get you lots of attention. We now have a huge wide variety of styles available in soft toric lenses. We are sure you can find right colored contacts you need here.

If you have been wearing toric contact lenses for astigmatism already?

Check the package of the lenses as below:

Astigmatism (toric) contact lenses generally have three attributes you need to select with.

1. myopia / SPH
2. astigmatism / CYL
3. shaft degrees (axial) / AXIS

Since astigmatism lenses principle is more complicated and higher cost, if it is the first time for you to order astigmatism (toric) lenses, we recommened you to ask for an optician’s opinion before you place the order. Please confirm the 3 attributes above of your contact lenses .

If you are using astigmatic lenses already, but do not know how to choose, you can look at the tips below.

Please find your astigmatism lenses and confirm the prescription it shows. You should be able to find the degrees of the required information: myopia ( “SPH” or “D”), astigmatism (CYL), and the shaft degrees ( “AXIS” or “AX”). Please select the correct degrees when you place your order.


For example, the figure of the lens, you can select the SPH of -3.00, CYL of -1.25, and AXIS of 20.